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  • Clamshell Packaging

    Crystal Vision Packaging has both stock clamshell boxes and factories to make custom clear PVC or PET clamshell re-closable boxes.  We also have hand crimp sealers and sealing machines for all shapes of clamshell boxes.

  • Food Bags

    Crystal Vision Packaging offers an array of food bags: flat bags, stand-up pouches, gusseted bags, zipper bags, and more. All of our bags can be supplied clear or printed up to 8 colors. see our standard Polyolefin PVC Shrink Bags, ideal for heavy bags and more.

    Please call for Quote. 

  • Pallet Stretch Film

    Crystal Vision Packaging has both micron and regular types of pallet stretch film available.  New film formulations now allow for thinner films to do the same jobs that regular films do for a big money savings.  Pre stretched films are also available.  Crystal Vision Packaging has both high and low profile stretch wrap machines and the new radial type of pallet wrapping machines.

  • PVC Shrink Bags

    Crystal Vision Packaging is the only stocking supplier of Polyolefin Shrink Bags.  Custom Sizes available.

    Shrink bags are a time saving way to package all of your products that must be sealed on 3 or all 4 sides.  From gift baskets to DVDs, egg crate containers or bottles that must be fully enclosed, Crystal Vision Packaging can supply you with the right bag for the job.

    We carry a large stock of 1 mil rectangle and dome shrink bags.  We also supply custom polyolefin and LDPE shrink bags.  If you’d like color we can print custom polyolefin shrink bags with up to 3 colors and PVC shrink bags with up to 8 colors.

  • PVC Shrink Film

    PVC Shrink Film is great for bundling multiple products together or showing off your product while protecting it from dust and other elements. It is easy to apply, shrinks at low temperatures, comes in a wide range of thickness. Not FDA approved for food contact.

  • PVC Shrink Tubing

    See our PVC Shrink Tubing for industrial business needs. Please call for Quote.

  • Polyolefin Shrink Film

    Polyolefin Shrink Film is a versatile FDA approved for direct food contact shrink film that can be used for food and other retail products. Polyolefin is flexible, yet durable, never becoming brittle. Polyolefin shrink wrap film is a strong film with high clarity; it has a balanced shrinkage for creating soft corner performance. It is also excellent for packaging multiple products together and can be custom printed. We stock Standard and Crosslinked Polyolefin Shrink films and the other options are customer order due to customers’ application needs.


    We have 45, 50, 60, 75, 100, 120 and 150 gauges and from 6” to 40” widths rolls are available.

    Our film will run on all machinery. Please send your containers to one of our Account Executives to test the right size, gauge and film for your applications to give your products the competitive advantage on the shelves. Here are our Polyolefin Shrink Film options for your packaging needs:


  • Printed Shrink Sleeves

    Crystal Vision Packaging provides with the most value to our customers with high quality, best value and shortest lead times in the industry. We print up to 9 colors on both PVC and PET shrink sleeves. Our vibrant and high quality shrink sleeves maximize the marketing space for your products which allows you to attract attention to your product and compete with others on the market shelves.

    Please call to discuss the sizing of your container with one of our packaging specialists for your printed shrink

    1-800-331-3240 or email

  • PVC Shrink Bands and...

    PVC Preforms create quick and tamper-evident packaging for bottles and jars. Converted from plastic tubing to exacting specifications, cut shrink bands are the cost effective choice for securing caps, lids, and closures with easily recognized tamper evidence.

    We offer In house production

    We also accept custom requests!

  • Skin and Overwrap Film

    Skin and Overwrap Film rolls for your industrial needs. Call us now for mass quantities.

  • Co-Packing Services

    Co-Packing Services

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Showing 19 - 24 of 26 items