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PVC -Shrink Bags

Crystal Vision Packaging is the only stocking supplier of Polyolefin Shrink Bags.  Custom Sizes available.

PVC bags shrinks to fit, you can speed your packaging operations with our bags. Recommended for DVDs, compact discs and software. Easy application with our Heat Guns for Crystal clear packaging in seconds. 100 GA only stocked.

We also have:

PVC - Shrink Bags - Rectangular Bags

PVC - Shrink Bags - Dome

PVC - Shrink Bags - Rectangular Video Bags

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Shrink bags are a time-saving way to package all of your products that must be sealed on 3 or all 4 sides.  From gift baskets to DVDs, egg crate containers or bottles that must be fully enclosed, Crystal Vision Packaging can supply you with the right bag for the job.

We carry a large stock of 1 mil rectangle and dome shrink bags.  We also supply custom polyolefin and LDPE shrink bags.  If you’d like color we can print custom polyolefin shrink bags with up to 3 colors and PVC shrink bags with up to 8 colors.

For Back Orders please call 1-800-331-3240 for Estimated Time of Arrival for this product.

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